Everyone has a story to tell…

It is a personal and unique story of his or her life. Relationships, experiences, families, career path and faith combine in a special way to become a biography or legacy. The story of their life.


Turning your life story into a family treasureFor many people, when their days on this earth are done, the only written record of their entire life’s story will be told…in an obituary.

Don’t leave your loved ones with the eternal regret of not having your legacy written down for future generations.

Call Keepsake Biographers NOW to give your family the ultimate gift…
Their Family History


Your customized Biography will be captured by professional writers at Keepsake Biographers.  We provide your Biography in several ways:

  • Written biographical book
  • CD of your biography in e-book format
  • A personal family website containing audio and video of your story

The Ultimate Family Gift

Whether you are in your golden years and fear your memory is fading a bit, or you are a baby-boomer who can never get enough of those wonderful stories from your grandparents past, Keepsake Biographers is proud to produce the ultimate gift you can share with your entire family!

Recording Family HistoriesKeepsake Biographers produces a professionally written, custom bound book, complete with family photos, capturing the detailed life story of your loved ones. In addition, you receive a dedicated family web site that includes the entire content of the book, plus additional pictures, audio links, video clips, and a dedicated blog to allow family members direct communication and the ability to share their family pictures and stories with other family members around the world.

Birthday, anniversary, Christmas, or just in time for a family reunion – the story of your life is the perfect gift for the entire family to enjoy.

Give the gift of a lifetime! Call Keepsake Biographers at 682-233-BIOS(2467) today for details.